Neurotar develops innovative research tools and services for the pharmaceutical industry and academia. We help researches find causes of brain diseases and create safer and more effective medicines. High resolution imaging and imaging in awake animals, as well as tools that enable them, raise the relevance and reduce the risks of brain research.

Imaging Services for Pharma

Neurotar offers unique in vivo two-photon imaging services within intact brain of anesthetized or awake and behaving rodents). The services yield multiparametric, visually striking data unattainable with any other technology. Our customers gain in detail, in relevance, and statistical power. We help to expedite good drugs to market or "fail" the potential money drainers fast and cheap.

Mobile HomeCage Line of Products

Mobile HomeCage™ is a revolutionary research device that enables microscopic imaging and single-cell electrophysiological tests in awake and behaving mice. It helps the scientists to avoid biases resulting from the use of anesthetics, eliminates the need to immobilize the animal and creates a real, tangible environment for the mouse to explore. Key application areas are in vivo two-photon imaging, electrophysiology and optogenetics.