BBB integrity

The integrity of Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) is a hallmark of healthy brain. Longitudinal monitoring of this parameter is essential for ensuring that drug delivery is achieved without compromising the brain’s natural defense mechanisms.

We use i.v. injection of fluorescently-labelled dextran molecules (e.g., the albumin-size 70 kDa dextran, and a range of other dextrans 10-200 kDa in size) to measure ratiometrically the degree of BBB integrity, and to detect and quantify the leakiness of BBB potentially associated with ageing, disease progression and/or treatment.

In many of our studies, the BBB Integrity assay is combined with other imaging readouts such as trans-BBB PK of biologics, drug effects on dendritic spine turnover or microglial dynamics, mitochondrial fragmentation, or calcium signaling.


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