Webinar on October 8, 2020. Studying epilepsy in awake mice

Epilepsy in awake head-fixed mice - Rob Wykes


Please join us for a webinar on “Studying epilepsy in awake head-fixed mice using microscopy, electrophysiology, and optogenetics.” The webinar goes live at 11 am EDT on October 8, 2020, and features presentations from Longjun Wu lab at Mayo Clinic, USA (presenter: Dr. Anthony Umpiere), and Rob Wykes lab at UCL, UK. The presenting labs employ cutting-edge research methods such as 2-photon imaging, optogenetics and in vivo electrophysiology to study epileptic networks and microglial calcium signaling in the context of epilepsy. Both labs utilize the Mobile HomeCage to achieve the required stability during imaging and recording in awake behaving mice. In addition to presenting their exciting new findings, they also address the challenges of working with awake mice. Please follow this link to registration: https://bit.ly/studying-epilepsy-in-head-fixed-mice-neurotar

Our summer webinar on functional ultrasound (fUS) imaging in awake behaving mice is available on-demand on InsideScientific platform.