Headed to the beach! Meet us at BNA in Brighton, UK on April 22-25, 2023

BNA 2023 at Brighton, UK

This year’s Festival of Neuroscience organized by the British Neuroscience Association (BNA 2023) will be held at Brighton, UK, a summer beach holiday destination. Neuroscientists will be showing up before the start of the vacation season, on April 23-26. Although we were promised the sun, the BNA program is likely to keep us indoors. Regardless of how the weather plays out, for Neurotar’s team coming from Helsinki, Brighton is definitely a warm destination. We are excited to visit it! But this is not our main reason to come. We look forward to reconnecting with multiple Mobile HomeCage user labs and meeting new UK labs that might benefit from using the Mobile HomeCage for their imaging experiments or electrophysiological recordings in awake head-fixed mice. Stop by our exhibition booth to learn more. Don’t want to wait until April? Contact us now!