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Mobile HomeCage roadshow in the UK on June 15-19, 2015

In mid-June 2015, our sales team shall visit the Imperial College London (15.-16.6), Universities of Bristol and Cardiff (17.6.), University of Oxford (18.6.) and attend UCL Neuroscience Symposium on the 19.6.  Join us any day you like!  Contact Klaus Kurki for scheduling.  If you cannot meet with us in June, we shall be back for […] Read more »

Mobile HomeCage workshop at ICM (Brain & Spine) Institute in Paris on May 18, 2015

Neurotar team members will show the Mobile HomeCage and explain how to use it for in vivo imaging and electrophysiological experiments.  Workshop at ICM (Brain & Spine) Institute starts at 1 pm. Refreshments will be served.  For further details, please contact Neurotar’s sales manager, Klaus Kurki.

Meet us at the Festival of Neuroscience in Edinburgh, UK on April 12-15, 2015

Neurotar’s team will showcase the Mobile HomeCage at the Festival of Neuroscience on April 12-15, 2015.  We hope to meet researchers interested in setting up experiments in awake and freely moving rodents or improving their current set-ups.  We also hope to meet local distributors interested in adding our innovative new device to their offering.

Join a webinar on high precision tests in awake behaving rodents (March 25, 2015 at 11 AM EST)

Neurotar-sponsored webinar Making Optical and Electrophysiological Measurements in the Brain of Head-Fixed, Freely-Moving Animals goes live on March 25, 2015 at 11 AM EST. Several pioneering academic labs will share their experiences of using the Mobile HomeCage to immobilize the rodent’s head without restraining its body for two-photon imaging or combined optogenetics and patch clamp recordings. Join […] Read more »

Neurotar is part of the “Interact” symposium in Munich on 6.3.2015

At <interact>, Neurotar’s CSO, Leonard Khiroug, Ph.D., will tell the young researches in the field of Life Sciences about the benefits of experimenting in live and awake animals.  We shall bring the Mobile HomeCage with us, and we are happy to let you play with it.  We are keen to bounce ideas about where we can […] Read more »

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