Prefrontal circuits & neurodevelopment: on-demand webinar (from Feb 16, 2023)

Prefronatal circuits & their role in neurodevelopment

Prefrontal circuits and their role in normal brain development, as well as in disease states, is the focus of the webinar by several members of Illeana Hanganu-Opatz lab at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf that aired on February 16, 2023. The lab’s main methodological approaches are electrophysiological recordings, optogenetic stimulation and behavioral observation. Thanks to the Mobile HomeCage, the Opatz lab members can combine all three approaches within the framework of the same experiment. In addition to their insights into the role of prefrontal circuits in normal and abnormal neurodevelopment, German researchers will address their choice of methodological approaches. They will talk about the pros and cons of working with awake & head-fixed juvenile mice and share their protocols. Please follow this link to register and view the webinar on demand.