Adapters for micromanipulators

An adapter allows mounting a micromanipulator on the Mobile HomeCage bridge. Currently, we offer adapters for Stoelting, Kopf, and Sensapex manipulators. Luigs & Neumann have their own adapters for the Mobile HomeCage.

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      There are different ways of placing a micromanipulator in the Mobile HomeCage setup. One option is to mount it on the bridge. Alternatively, it is possible to place the micromanipulator on a pillar next to the Mobile HomeCage. A bridge-mounted micromanipulator provides better stability because the horizontal distance between the manipulator arm and its attachment point is shorter compared to a pillar-mounted micromanipulator.

      We have developed two types of adapters that allow mounting Stoelting, Kopf (see above), and Sensapex micromanipulators (see below) on the Mobile HomeCage bridge. These adapters are available in our webshop – simply select one of the options from the menu at the top of the page.

      In addition, Luigs & Neumann have developed their own adapters (a.k.a mounting units) for L&N micromanipulators (see below):

      Please note that we do not sell these adapters on our website; contact Luigs & Neumann for more information and pricing for the following items:

      • Mounting unit for Junior – standard (product code: 200-200 500 5011);
      • Mounting unit for Junior – large (product code: 200-200 500 5010).

      We recommend using a low wall (40 mm) cage for better access with micromanipulators, especially if you need to access the brain at a shallow angle. Keep in mind that we can cut the cage wall to 15 mm or 20 mm. This may be particularly useful for patch-clamp recordings.

      Do not find an adapter for your favorite micromanipulator? Let’s see if we can make one!