AirLift Large

AirLift Large allows performing high precision tests in awake behaving mice while continuing to use already familiar head fixation systems.

9,635 USD (ex-VAT)

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Do you have a system for head-fixing mice (during in vivo experiments on a tread mill or under full body restraint conditions) but wish to enable two-dimensional movement of the mouse? AirLift Large allows achieving full functionality of the Mobile HomeCage Large while continuing to use your familiar solution for head-fixing awake mice. For better integration with behavioral research, consider combining the AirLift Large with a locomotion tracking device. Contact for help with the locomotion tracking upgrade.


  • Enables two-dimensional movement during experiments in awake mice;
  • Allows incorporating locomotion tracking and other behavioral paradigms (if combined with the tracking upgrade);
  • Low noise;
  • Operates from standard laboratory air sources or a portable air pump.


  • Dimensions (air dispenser): 720 X 570 X 43 mm
  • Material: aluminum, plastic
  • Air flow requirement: 120-150 L/min (air pressure 2,9 psi)

AirLift Large kit composition

  • Air dispenser (large)
  • Hose (3 m)
  • Noise reduction unit
  • Carbon cage: 325 X 70 mm, 325 X 40 mm, 290 X 70 mm or 290 X 40 mm
  • 10 model 1 head plates (can be substituted with other models – specify at order)


  • Noise reduction unit consists of a 300 mm hose with connectors and an air filter; it helps to further decrease the noise level of the AirLift Large and other Mobile HomeCage products;
  • Ultralight weight carbon cage makes the movement practically effortless and helps to sustain the illusion of free navigation within the cage;
  • Large selection of head plates accommodates different research needs.