AirLift is an air table that – combined with Neurotar’s HeadFix or a custom head fixation – allows performing high precision tests in awake mice locomoting in two dimensions.

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      Have you been using Neurotar’s HeadFix or your custom head fixation solution for in vivo experiments under anesthesia? Ready to go awake? Or are you already working with awake head-fixed mice restrained in a tube or running on a treadmill and want to let them move in two dimensions? In both cases, the AirLift is the natural next step.

      Benefits of Neurotar’s air table

      • Converts the HeadFix into a fully functional system for 2-photon imaging or electrophysiological recordings in awake mice locomoting in 2D (the Mobile HomeCage);
      • Allows using your custom head fixation to enable imaging or electrophysiological recordings in awake mice locomoting in 2D;
      • Compact, compatible with the majority of commercial two-photon microscopes;
      • When combined with Neurotar’s tracking upgrade, allows integrating locomotion tracking and other behavioral readouts;
      • Operates from standard laboratory air sources and from a portable air pump.


      • Dimensions (air dispenser a.k.a. air table): 420 X 300 X 30 mm;
      • Weight: 4,4 kg;
      • Material: aluminum, carbon fiber;
      • Air flow requirement: 120 L/min at 20 kPa pressure.

      AirLift kit composition

      • Air dispenser;
      • Hose for connecting to an air source (3 m);
      • Carbon fiber cage: 180 X 40 mm or 180 X 70 mm.

      Air source is not included. Contact us for air source recommendations and for compatibility assessment with imaging set-ups.