AirLift is an upgrade device for the HeadFix which helps to achieve full functionality of the Mobile HomeCage once you are ready to move from anestethized to awake animals.

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  • Converts the HeadFix into a fully functional system for awake animal experimentation;
  • Low noise;
  • Operates from standard laboratory air sources and from a portable air pump.


  • Dimensions: 420 X 300 X 30 mm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Air flow requirement: 100-120 L/min (air pressure 2,9 psi)

AirLift kit composition

  • Air dispenser
  • Hose (3 m)
  • Noise reduction unit
  • Carbon cage: 180 X 40 mm
  • 10 model 1 headplates


  • Noise reduction unit consists of a 30 mm hose with connectors and an air filter; it helps to further decrease the noise level of the AirLift and other Mobile HomeCage products;
  • Lightweight carbon cage makes the movement practically effortless and helps to sustain the illusion of free navigation within the cage;
  • Large selection of head plates accommodates different research needs.

If you plan to upgrade your HeadFix to a fully functional Mobile HomeCage system using the AirLift, you may want to replace your clamp with a rotating, narrow or tilting option. Please explore these options on the product menu. If unsure which types of spare parts and accessories to choose, please contact us at