Carbon cage

Standard carbon cage (diameter 180 mm) is a highly durable but light-weight enclosure for the test animal. Mice can set the cage in motion without effort which creates an illusion of moving around the cage. In reality, the cage moves around the test animal, whose head remains firmly fixed in one place.

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      • Light but durable cage is key to creating an illusion of movement, which reduces the stress and thus enables imaging and electrophysiological recordings in awake mice;
      • Cost-savings: the cage is reusable after cleaning with water or alcohol;
      • Flat bottom is more natural for mice to walk on than the curved surface of the once popular Styrofoam ball solution;
      • The cages’ walls and floor provide a tangible environment for the animal to explore; this environment can be further enriched, e.g. by placing odor and color stickers or texture patches on the walls;
      • The walls protect from the surroundings and limit the animal’s exposure to unwanted visual stimuli.


      • Dimensions: ø 180 X 70 mm or ø 180 X 40 mm
      • Weight: 33-44 g, depending on wall height
      • Material: carbon fiber


      • Magnetic doors snap into place quickly, easily but also firmly to prevent the animal from escaping during the experiment (to ensure that the animal does not escape, snap the door into place from inside the cage);
      • High wall cage (70 mm) protects from distractions in the surrounding environment;
      • Low wall cage (40 mm) provides for better access with micromanipulators at non-vertical angles (e.g., when patch-clamp is performed under visual guidance of two-photon microscopy).


      We also offer a version of 180 mm diameter cage that features transparent walls – please look under transparent cage for more information.


      180 mm diameter cages are compatible with Mobile HomeCage V5 and with MultiCage Training Arena. For the experiments in the Mobile HomeCage Large you will need one of the ultra-lightweight large-diameter carbon cages.