Carbon fiber mouse cages

A carbon fiber mouse cage (diameter 180 mm) is lightweight but durable. Mice can set the cage in motion without much effort which creates an illusion of free self-directed locomotion. In reality, the cage moves around the mouse, whose head remains stably fixed for imaging or electrophysiological recordings.

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      • Lightweight, easy to move for the mouse;
      • Durable despite being lightweight;
      • Rigid bottom ensures smooth flotation;
      • Reusable: can be cleaned with mild washing detergent and disinfected with 70% Ethanol solution;
      • The flat bottom is a more natural walking surface for mice than the curved surface of a spherical or cylindrical treadmill;
      • The cages’ walls and floor are natural sources of tactile stimulation;
      • The walls protect from the surroundings and limit the animal’s exposure to unwanted visual stimuli;
      • If visual stimulation from outside the cage is required, there is a transparent wall option;
      • An extra-low wall cage is also suitable for visual stimulation from outside the cage. In addition, it is optimal for patch-clamp recordings because the clamp does not touch the wall.

      Wall options

      • 70 mm (imaging)
      • 40 mm (electrophysiology: better access with micromanipulators)
      • 20 mm (patch clamp, visual stimulation, gait research)
      • transparent wall 70 mm (visual stimulation, behavioral observation, gait research)

      All cages have a diameter of 180 mm. Doors attach with magnets. (Close the door from inside the cage to prevent the mouse from pushing it out).

      Using a 20 mm wall cage may require additional training: mice feel more exposed and may require longer to manage the stress.


      180 mm diameter cages are compatible with the standard size Mobile HomeCage and with the MultiCage Training Arena. One opaque cage is included with every Mobile HomeCage kit and three opaques cages are included with the MultiCage. The transparent cage costs extra.

      For the experiments in the Mobile HomeCage Large, use large diameter carbon fiber or foam cages and mazes: