Floating foam mazes and cages

Floating mazes allow combining neurophysiological experiments that require head-restraint with complex behavioral tasks.

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Foam mazes and cages are designed to be used in the Mobile HomeCage Large or Mobile HomeCage Large with tracking capability. We ship them as a set of pre-cut parts with assembly instructions. This is meant to minimize the shipment costs. You will need to assemble and glue the mazes yourself, but this is fun!

Currently we offer three different designs: simple round cage, t-maze and donut-maze. All designs are available with two wall sizes: 70 mm and 40 mm. The doors are kept in place by small magnets.

Since cages are made of Depron foam, they do adsorb smells that cannot be washed away completely. We recommend using one foam maze/cage per mouse. The same cage may be used in multiple experiments. Mice like walking on Depron as it provides more grip.

For locomotion tracking, use foam mazes/cages that have magnets built into the bottom.

Technical characteristicss:

  • Size: Ø 325 X 70, Ø 325 X 40
  • Material: Depron 3mm foam
  • Weight: 12-20 g/maze (no magnets); 42-48 g/maze (magnetic foam mazes and cages used for locomotion tracking)
  • Glue: Uhu Por Styropor glue or similar