HeadFix is a robust, easy-to-use, and versatile head fixation system designed primarily for experiments with anesthetized rodents. When ready to start with awake animals, easily upgrade HeadFix to the full Mobile HomeCage by adding AirLift.

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  • robust and easy head-fixation for anesthetized mice and rats
  • suitable for experiments involving restricted movement of awake mice, e.g. using a linear or a circular treadmill
  • easily converts into a fully functional system for experiments in awake and freely moving mice (with the help of the AirLift)
  •  eases transition from in vivo (live, anesthetized) to in vigilo (live, awake)
  • ensures reproducibility of results

Technical specifications

  • Dimenstions: 200 X 420 X 150 mm
  • Weight: 4,75 kg
  • Materials: aluminium 7076 T6 alloy, stainless steel

HeadFix kit composition

A standard Mobile HomeCage V5 kit has all you need to start using the device. It includes:

  • metric or imperial breadboard (please specify at the time of ordering)
  • bridge and towers
  • standard clamp and neck (HeadFix V2) or rotating clamp and neck (HeadFix V3)
  • ten head plates of your choice

Some of these items may be substituted with parts that better serve your needs. For other parts and accessories, please see the next tab, Accessories.


  • Fast and firm head fixation with micrometer precision;
  • Large selection of precise engineered head plates accommodates different research needs;
  • Choice of imperial of metric breadboard
  • Choice of straight of rotating clamp

If unsure which spare parts and accessories you may need or whether the Mobile HomeCage will fit into your experimental set-up, please check the Accessories tab or contact mhc-support@neurotar.com