Head plates

Lightweight laser-cut stainless steel head plates are designed to ensure fast and firm head fixation, as well as superior stability of recordings. Large variety of sizes and shapes accommodates different research needs. Head plates are attached to the skull with dental cement. Once detached, they can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

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  • Fast and firm head fixation;
  • Supreme stability of recordings (if head plates are used in combination with Neurotar’s clamps);
  • Large selection of head plates to meet various research needs;
  • Cost savings: head plates are inexpensive and reusable.


  • Helicopter design (models 1-11, four blades) ensures maximum stability for in vivo recordings in awake animals;
  • Rabbit design (models A, B, two blades) provides sufficient stability for in vivo recordings in anesthetized animals;
  • Models 8 and 9 are especially designed for elecrophysiological recordings with access to both hemispheres; beveled design of model 9 provides for better access with micromanipulators at non-vertical angles;
  • Models 10 and 11 provide for better access to rostral and caudal areas.

See below for images of different models.


  • Approximate outer dimensions: 25 X 12 mm (size varies by model)
  • Approximate weight: 0,9-1,2 g (weight varies by model)
  • Material: stainless steel

Opening dimensions for “helicopters”:

NTR000201-03 Model 1 (standard, round) 4,2 mm
NTR000202-02 Model 2(round) 5,2 mm
NTR000203-02 Model 3(round) 6,2 mm
NTR000204-02 Model 4(round) 7,2 mm
NTR000205-02 Model 5(round) 8,2 mm
NTR000206-01 Model 6 (oval, e-phys) 5,2 X 8,2 mm
NTR000208-02 Model 8 (rectangular, e-phys) 5,2 X 7,5 mm
NTR000209-02 Model 9 (rectangular, beveled 30⁰, e-phys) 5,2 X 7,5 mm
NTR000210-01 Model 10 (round, 2 mm offset) 4,2 mm
NTR000211-01 Model 11 (tear-shaped)

Opening dimensions for “rabbits”:

NTR000212-01 Model A (round) 4,2 mm
NTR000213-01  Model B (round) 9 mm


Minimum order requirement

Due to the head plates’ low cost and due to the processing time per order we require a minimum order of 10 head plates per shipment.