Head plates

Lightweight stainless-steel head plates ensure fast and firm head fixation, as well as superior stability of recordings. Different sizes and shapes accommodate various research needs. Head plates are attached to the skull with dental cement. Once detached, they can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

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      Designs & applications

      • Helicopter design (models 1-11, 14 four blades) ensures maximum stability for in vivo recordings in awake animals;
      • Levelt head plate (model 13) is made of magnetic stainless steel. Currently this is the only head plate model compatible with the Levelt clamp (magnetic);
      • Models 8 and 9 are especially designed for elecrophysiological recordings with access to both hemispheres; beveled design of model 9 allows better access with micromanipulators at non-vertical angles;
      • Models 10 and 11 provide better access to rostral and caudal areas.
      • Model 14 is designed specifically for functional ultrasound imaging (fUS); the head plate exposes a larger area of the brain (for fUS, optical imaging or microelectrode access) than any other opening. This head plate model is compatible only with the fUS clamp.

      See below for images of different models and opening sizes.


      • Models 1-11 are compatible with the standard clamp (including all tilted versions);
      • Model 13 is compatible with the Levelt clamp;
      • Model 14 is compatible with the fUS clamp.


      • Fast and firm head fixation;
      • Supreme stability of recordings (if the head plates are used in combination with Neurotar’s clamps);
      • 12 different models to meet various research needs;
      • Cost savings: head plates are inexpensive and reusable.

      New manufacturing method

      We have recently switched from laser-cutting to photochemical etching for greater precision (photoetching achieves tolerances of up to +/- 0.01 mm.) Etched head plates have a small indentation on one of the blades – this is not a defect, and it does not affect imaging/recording stability (the indent is circled on the image below).  Photochemically etched head plate models: 1-6, 8, 10-11. Models 9, 13 and 14 are made by laser-cutting.

      Model 1 head plate with circled attachment slot


      • Approximate outer dimensions: 25 X 12 mm (models 1-11), opening size varies by model;
      • Approximate weight: 0,9-1,2 g (models 1-11), weight varies by model;
      • Thickness: 1 mm;
      • Material: stainless steel (magnetic stainless steel for model 13).

      Minimum order requirement

      10 head plates per shipment (prices under ‘choose an option’ are given for a set of 10 head plates).