Lick port and air puff

New product! Lick port and air puff enable operant conditioning (positive and negative reinforcement) and whisker stimulation in the Mobile HomeCage devices.

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      Simply being awake is usually not enough. Mice, like humans, need a motivation to behave. Like us, they respond to positive and negative stimuli. The simplest way for such stimulation of awake head-fixed mice is to provide liquid (for reward) or puff air (for punishment). And now there are ways to do so in the Mobile HomeCage devices.

      Our lick port and air puff devices are flexible and compatible with all Mobile HomeCage products. Besides that: they are also compatible with a wide range of liquid and air dispensers. As not to increase the weight of the floating cage with a mouse, we attach these accessories to the clamp. Since the lick port and air puff nozzles stay in the same place (i.e., in front of the mouse’s snout, whiskers or eye) during the experiment, mice learn to associate the reward and punishment with certain behaviors or certain locations depending on your experimental paradigm. For automatic triggering, use lick port and air puff with the locomotion tracking device, which can deliver liquid or air whenever the pre-set stimulus conditions are met.

      Main benefits

      • Complex behavioral experiments involving liquid reward and negative reinforcement or whisker stimulation;
      • Manual or automated delivery (the latter enabled by the locomotion tracking software);
      • Quick and easy adjustment of the nozzle position to accommodate animal’s head size and position;
      • Compatible with most standard laboratory liquid and air dispensing devices.


      • Nozzle holder is adjustable along three axes (ball-joint and slider connection);
      • Four attachment points for nozzle holder on the clamp’s neck (for increased flexibility);
      • Attachment on either side of the clamp or on both sides simultaneously;
      • Tube holders attach to the bridge to keep the liquid/air hose out of the way.

      Requirements for liquid and air dispensers

      • Trigger input 3,3 V TTL (applies only if the lick port or air puff is used with Neurotar’s locomotion tracking hardware).
      • Typical liquid dispensing rate 25 µl/s (average droplet size 5 µl; build-up time 0,2 s)
      • Maximum air pressure 2 bar

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