Locomotion tracking upgrade

Locomotion tracking upgrade facilitates the integration of high-precision imaging or recording with behavioral research.  The device monitors the mouse’s position and trajectory of movement and enables automatic stimuli triggering during closed-loop experiments. (Software included in the price). Must-have for behavior!

From 7,506 USD


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      Nowadays we have apps that keep track of our children and other family members because locomotion patterns give so much valuable information about objects of observation! Besides that: knowing these patterns helps to encourage desirable and discourage undesirable behaviors. Why not use the same approach with test animals?

      Ready to upgrade your Mobile HomeCage device with locomotion tracking?

      Our tracking devices are built into the air dispenser – they don’t take extra space in the experimental set-up. More than that, the magnetic tracking is fast and precise. The magnetometer’s “vision”, unlike that of a camera, is not obstructed by other objects such as manipulators, and it “sees” equally well in dark and in light conditions.

      Main benefits

      • Additional readout for behavioral research;
      • Live monitoring of the mouse’s position and trajectory of movement;
      • Operant conditioning via automatic stimuli delivery (including liquid reward or air puff) during closed-loop experiments;
      • Continuous data streaming for online and offline analysis.


      • High speed: 80 fps (standard size Mobile HomeCage, Airlift); 100 fps (Mobile HomeCage Large, AirLift Large);
      • Precision: <1 mm spatial resolution;
      • Tracking is not affected by ambient light;
      • The tracking device is hidden in the air dispenser and does not require extra space in the set-up;
      • Automation of liquid reward and air puff delivery;
      • Open-source software.


      Tracking upgrades are compatible with the Mobile HomeCage V5 (Airlift V4) and Mobile HomeCage Large V3-V4 (AirLift Large). Hardware installation takes less than 15 minutes.

      Six tracking mats are included with the Mobile HomeCage tracking upgrade kit. Spare mats are available in our webshop. Tracking mats are not required for locomotion tracking in the Mobile HomeCage Large because the magnets are built directly into the cage’s bottom.

      If you have an older version of the Mobile HomeCage or the Mobile HomeCage Large, we shall replace the air dispenser at half the price.

      Questions? Send us an email at mhc-support@neurotar.com or contact us on chat.