Locomotion tracking upgrade

Locomotion tracking upgrade facilitates the integration of high-precision imaging or recording with behavioral research.  The device monitors the mouse’s position and trajectory of movement and enables automatic stimuli triggering during closed-loop experiments. (Software included in the price). Must-have for behavior!

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      Locomotion patterns provide valuable information about animals. Moreover, observing these patterns helps to influence desirable and discourage undesirable behaviors. This applies to head-fixed mice navigating in the Mobile HomeCage.

      Ready to upgrade your Mobile HomeCage device with locomotion tracking?

      We have built our tracking devices into the air dispenser so that they don’t take extra space in the experimental set-up. Besides that: the magnetic tracking is fast and precise. The magnetometer’s “vision”, unlike that of a camera, is not obstructed by other objects such as manipulators. It “sees” equally well in dark and in light conditions.

      Main benefits of locomotion tracking

      • Live monitoring, online and offline analysis of the mouse’s position, speed, and trajectory of movement;
      • Operant conditioning via automatic stimuli delivery (liquid reward or air puff) during closed-loop experiments;
      • Independent behavioral readout as well as an integral part of other behavioral paradigms (such as maze navigation or open-field).

      Features of Neurotar’s locomotion tracking solution

      • High speed: 80 fps (standard size Mobile HomeCage, Airlift); 100 fps (Mobile HomeCage Large, AirLift Large);
      • Precision: <1 mm spatial resolution;
      • Ambient light does not affect tracking;
      • No extra space for the tracking device that “lives” inside the air dispenser;
      • Free software.


      Tracking upgrades are compatible with the standard size Mobile HomeCage (or AirLift) as well as the Mobile HomeCage Large (or AirLift Large). Hardware installation takes less than 15 minutes.

      Upgrade kit composition

      Kit partsLocomotion tracking upgrade (standard)Locomotion tracking upgrade (large)
      Electronic control unit (ECU)XX
      Sensor boardstandardlarge
      RS-232 cableXX
      USB cableXX
      Tracking mats with magnets six
      Large carbon fiber cage with magnetsone
      Open source softwareXX

      Six tracking mats are included with the tracking upgrade kit (standard size). Additional mats are available in our webshop. There is no need for the tracking mats in the large system because we build the magnets directly into the cage’s bottom.