Mobile HomeCage demo unit

Limited time offer: fully functional standard size Mobile HomeCage demo units with new floating cages at unbeatable prices.

17,518 USD 9,990 USD (ex-VAT)

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      Do not miss the opportunity to buy Neurotar’s classic, the standard size Mobile HomeCage, at a discount! Start imaging or recording in awake mice or, if you already have the Mobile HomeCage, get an extra unit for mouse training.

      All demo units show minor signs of wear, such as scratches on metal surfaces. However, these cosmetic defects do not affect the units’ functioning. The floating cages included with the Mobile HomeCage demo kits are new.

      The Mobile HomeCage demo unit kits includes:

      • Air dispenser;
      • Bridge and towers with adjustable horizontal and vertical positioning;
      • Head fixation block: rotating clamp and neck (review clamp options);
      • Carbon fiber cage (diameter: 180 mm; wall height: 20, 40 or 70 mm);
      • 10 head plates (review head plate options);
      • hose for connecting to the air source (diameter 12 mm; length: 3 m).

      All demo units are compatible with Neurotar’s magnetic locomotion tracking hardware and software. If your experimental design requires monitoring locomotion, consider purchasing the locomotion tracking upgrade now or at a later point.

      In addition to getting Neurotar’s equipment at a bargain, access our experimental support: online surgery tutorials, mouse handling, and training recommendations.

      Hurry! The sale ends at the end of November. We currently have two demo units left. To see the prices in USD (for customers in the USA and Canada only) enter a valid US or Canadian address at the checkout.


      • Free shipment on demo orders: in the coupon field, enter shipdemofree. Shipping terms: DAP (FOB in the USA and Canada);
      • Delivery before the end of 2020;
      • Standard warranty (one year for the metal parts; 6 months for the carbon fiber cage);
      • Cannot pay with a credit card? Contact us for an offer (offer validity: 2 weeks).
      • This discounted Mobile HomeCage demo offer is valid for direct purchases from Neurotar only.