MultiCage Training Arena

The MultiCage Training Arena allows training three mice simultaneously. It increases training throughput and shortens the run-up to experiments.

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      Using the same device for training and for testing slows down the experiments. The MultiCage arena allows training three head-fixed mice simultaneously.

      • The Multicage increases training throughput & reduces the run-up time to experiments;
      • It removes the need to move the Mobile HomeCage in and out of the experimental set-up;
      • … and the need to keep track of individual training schedules for different mice;
      • Overall, the Multicage gives greater flexibility that comes from using a dedicated training device.

      This is how it works:

      Can I convert the Mobile HomeCage Large into a training arena?

      Yes, all your need is a MultiCage upgrade kit.

      Can I use the MultiCage for the imaging and electrophysiological recordings in awake mice?

      Yes, simply remove the bridge with double head fixation. If a 180 mm cage is too small, get a larger carbon cage (e.g. 290 mm or 325 mm) or a larger foam cage or maze.

      Can I upgrade the MultiCage with locomotion tracking?

      Yes, if you get a (locomotion) tracking upgrade kit (from the accessories shop), you would be able to track locomotion of one head-fixed mouse. Unfortunately, tracking the locomotion of three mice is not yet feasible.

      Technical specifications

      • Dimensions: 720 X 570 X 155 mm;
      • Floating cages’ dimensions: 180 X 70 mm;
      • Weight: 13,3 kg;
      • Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, carbon fiber.

      Airflow requirements

      Operating the MultiCage Training Arena requires an airflow of 250 L/min at 20 kPa (compare to 150 L/min airflow requirement for the Mobile HomeCage Large). Unfortunately, some central air supply systems and especially portable air pumps do not provide sufficient airflow. This may come as a bad surprise especially if you have upgraded from the Mobile HomeCage Large and hoped to use the air source that worked perfectly well with your Mobile HomeCage Large. Luckily, there is a simple and low-cost fix that you can implement: it requires less than an hour of your time, roughly one square meter of an air-tight material, and some tape. Download the instructions below:

      MultiCage Training Arena kit composition

      • Air dispenser;
      • Two sets of towers;
      • Bridge with a single head fixation (a standard or Levelt clamp and a straight neck);
      • Second bridge with two head fixations (two standard or Levelt clamps and two straight necks);
      • Three carbon fiber cages (180 X 70 mm);
      • Fifteen head plates (any model);
      • Hose (diameter: 12 mm, length 3 m) for connecting to an air source.

      The floating cages included with the MultiCage Training Arena cannot be tracked.