MultiCage Training Arena

The MultiCage Training Arena is designed to increase training throughput in preparation for the experiments in the Mobile HomeCage devices. The Arena allows training three mice simultaneously. The Mobile HomeCage Large users can add the same functionality with the MultiCage Training Upgrade kit.

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      The Mobile HomeCage® devices are extremely efficient at reducing the stress experienced by mice under standard head-restraint conditions. Nevertheless, proper handling and training are prerequisites for success with the Mobile HomeCage® systems. Training does not require using anesthetics or depriving mice of water, and it only takes 2-3 days (several 5-10 minute sessions per day).

      Despite that, using the same device for testing and for training slows down the experimental process. MultiCage training arena was designed to address this problem. We started out with the Mobile HomeCage Large and added a second bridge with two head-fixations thus converting the Mobile HomeCage Large into an arena for simultaneous training of three mice (in small cages).

      Not ready to invest in two new devices? Start out with the MultiCage, add an ultra-lightweight carbon cage and use the same device in its double capacity as an experimental and a training system. Training throughput will still be higher (due to training three mice simultaneously).


      • First and foremost, time savings that come from training three mice simultaneously;
      • Convenience: no need to keep track of individual training schedules for different mice;
      • Last but not least, the flexibility that comes from using a dedicated training device.

      Technical specifications

      • Dimensions: 720 X 570 X 155 mm;
      • Floating cages’ dimensions: 180 X 70 mm;
      • Weight: 16,7 kg;
      • Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, carbon fiber.

      Airflow requirements

      Operating the MultiCage Training Arena requires an airflow of 250 L/min at 2,9 psi (compare to 150 L/min airflow requirement for the Mobile HomeCage Large).

      MultiCage Training Arena kit composition

      • Air dispenser;
      • Two sets of towers;
      • Bridge with a single head fixation (a standard or Levelt clamp and a straight neck);
      • Second bridge with two head fixations (two standard or Levelt clamps and two straight necks);
      • Three carbon fiber cages (180 X 70 mm);
      • Fifteen head plates (any model);
      • Hose (diameter: 12 mm, length 3 m) for connecting to an air source.


      • Fast and firm head fixation;
      • Lightweight carbon fiber cages enable effortless movement;
      • Large selection of head plates engineered to accommodate different research needs.


      • Ultra-lightweight large carbon cages (325 X 70, 325 X 40, 290 X 70, 290 X 40 mm) are designed to have approximately the same weight as 180 X 70 mm carbon fiber cages. This is achieved by using composite materials for the cage bottom.
      • By adding an ultra-lightweight carbon cage and removing a bridge with two head fixation mechanisms, users can convert the MultiCage Training Arena into a Mobile HomeCage Large and use the Arena for imaging and electrophysiology experiments.  It is also possible to use the floating foam mazes;
      • Head plates are designed to accommodate different research needs;
      • Clamp options: standard or Levelt (magnetic). Both types of clamps are available with rotation (sideways in 10 degree steps up to 40 degrees). The standard clamp can be replaced with one of its tilted options (10, 20, 30, 35-degree tilt in the nodding direction) for achieving a more natural head position.

      If you have questions about the MultiCage training arena, please contact us at