Multicage training upgrade kit

Multicage training upgrade kit converts the Mobile HomeCage Large into an arena for simultaneous training of three mice. Simplify the training process and triple the throughput!

11,327.50 USD (ex-VAT)

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      Already using the Mobile HomeCage Large for imaging or electrophysiological recordings in awake mice? Adding the Multicage upgrade kit transforms your experimental setup into an arena for simultaneous training of three mice:


      • Increases training throughput by making it possible to train three mice simultaneously;
      • Reduces the run-up to experiments (training takes only 2-3 days);
      • Simplifies keeping track of training schedules;
      • Saves money (compared to investing in a separate training device);
      • Saves lab space (compared to using a separate training device).

      MultiCage training upgrade kit composition

      • bridge with two slots for mounting head fixation blocks
      • two towers
      • two head fixation blocks: standard or Levelt clamps with straight necks (no rotation)
      • two clamp inserts
      • three 180 X 70 mm carbon cages
      • fifteen head plates

      Straight clamps can be substituted with tilted versions and rotation can be added on request.

      Weight: 1,5 kg.


      • Fast and firm head fixation with micrometer precision;
      • Lightweight carbon cages are designed to roughly match the weight of the animal thus making the mouse’s movement natural and effortless.

      Airflow requirements

      Operating the MultiCage Training Arena requires increasing the airflow from 150 L/min as is required for the Mobile HomeCage Large to 250 L/min at 20 kPa (2,9 psi).

      Please note that even if the upgrade is installed on the Mobile HomeCage Large system equipped with locomotion tracking, the training cages cannot be tracked.