Roof kit for the Mobile HomeCage

New product! The roof blocks external light and dampens external noise. It facilitates mouse behavior by making mice feel snug and protected while keeping them exposed to observation. The roof can be used to control temperature and air composition. 

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      Did you know that, while in an open cage, mice can size the room using their hearing, even if their vision is blocked by cage walls? Walls alone do not provide sufficient protection, and mice behave differently when they feel exposed. This is why we added the roof.

      The roof facilitates mouse behavior in the Mobile HomeCage: it dampens room noises and echoes making it possible to train mice even in large spaces.  Transparent red acrylic surface blocks visible light and prevents mice from seeing outside the cage while they remain visible to the observer. The roof also prevents non-head fixed mice from escaping the cage during sociability tests. Besides that: it can be used as a climate control chamber, which is particularly useful for experiments with hypoxia or heat-triggered epilepsy models, as well as for tests on juvenile mice and rats who don’t fare well at normal room temperatures.

      Roof benefits

      • Reduces stress and facilitates natural behavior in the Mobile HomeCage
      • Reduces external noises and blocks visual clues, while allowing behavioral observation and video recording from outside the cage
      • Effectively eliminates room echo and allows performing behavioral tests (in the Mobile HomeCage) in large laboratory spaces
      • Allows controlling temperature and air composition
      • Facilitates experiments in juvenile mice and rats

      Roof features

      • Quick to assemble, disassemble, and to adjust the height without screws
      • Hinged design allows quick access to animals during experiments
      • Blocks 98% of light in the spectrum visible to mice
      • A customizable objective/manipulator cover ensures compatibility with other research equipment.

      Roof kit composition

      • Two removable red acrylic roof wings with aluminum hinges
      • Customizable objective/manipulator cover (soft rubber)

      Contact us if you have questions or want to send us measurements for the customized objective/manipulator cover.

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