Spare parts

Elongated lower lip and short neck allow modifying the standard clamp quickly and easily. Modifications may be necessary to ensure compatibility with wide diameter or short microscope objectives, as well as with peizo z-drives.

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Head fixation part of the Mobile HomeCage® consists of a clamp, which holds the head plate and a neck, which connects the clamp to the bridge. Both of these parts can be modified to ensure compatibility with different microscope models.

Elongated lower lip

The clamp’s standard lower lip (length: 52,2 mm) can be replaced with an elongated lower lip (length: 72.2 mm) to ensure compatibility with wide diameter objectives (e.g., macro-scope or meso-scope lenses).

Elongated clamp

Short neck

The standard neck (length: 70 mm) can be replaced with a short neck (length: 45 mm) to ensure compatibility with short objectives or  piezo z-drives.


Short neck

The narrow rotating clamp that is standard for the Mobile HomeCage® version 5 and Mobile HomeCage® Large version 2 devices has gone through multiple modifications. However, we have elongated lower lip and short neck parts available for the earlier models of the Mobile HomeCages as well. We are happy to work with you to ensure compatibility with your imaging equipment.

Please contact concerning compatibility issues related to the current and earlier versions of the Moibile HomeCage® and Mobile HomeCage® Large devices.