Spinal cord surgery set

A spinal cord surgery set is designed to facilitate chronic spinal cord imaging in awake behaving mice.

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In addition to brain imaging, the Mobile HomeCage devices can be used for longitudinal imaging in the spinal cord of awake behaving mice.

Spinal cord surgery set includes a spinal plate, two holders, four screws and a pair of instruments.  All parts are precision manufactured out of stainless steel. The sets can be purchased in bundles (of 5 or 10). Each bundle includes one pair of instruments (tools). For example, a bundle of five spinal cord surgery sets includes 5 spinal plates, 10 holders, 20 screws and a pair of instruments.

The spinal cord imaging set is an adaptation of a set of tools described in the 2014 Jove article by Farrar. M.J. and Schaffer C.B. A Procedure for Implanting a Spinal Chamber for Longitudinal In Vivo Imaging of the Mouse Spinal Cord.