Transparent cage

Transparent cage makes it possible to combine the experiments in the Mobile HomeCage with Virtual Reality systems or to video-record the animal from a side. This product is particularly relevant for gait research and for studying responses to visual stimuli.

1,706 USD (ex-VAT)

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  • Light weight provides for effortless movement and sustains the illusion of free movement within the cage while the animal remains firmly head-fixed for high precision tests;
  • Integration of the experiments in awake rodents with the virtual reality systems;
  • Ability to observe and video record the animal from the side.


  • Dimensions: 180  X 70 mm
  • Weight: 39 g
  • Material: carbon fiber (composite bottom), transparent plastic


  • Magnetic door snaps quickly and easily into place and prevents the animal’s escaping from the cage environment (please remember to attach the door from inside the cage);
  • Transparent walls make it possible to provide video stimuli from outside the cage, as well as to observe and video record the animal from the side.


For custom design of larger diameter cages with transparent walls please contact


A 3rd party MHC-compatible video motion capture (MoCap) system is available for sale through Neurotar. Please contact mhc-support@neurotar for additional information and/or a quote.