Ultralight weight carbon cages

Ultralight weight carbon cage weighs roughly the same as each of the smaller cages in the picture. Keeping the weight to the minimum is necessary to avoid straining the mouse. Effortless movement is key to maintaining an illusion of free navigation within the cage.

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      These large but ultralight weight carbon cages are designed for the Mobile HomeCage® Large or Mobile HomeCage® Large with tracking capability.

      Judging by the cage’s simple design, it is hard to guess how much work and engineering thought has gone into it! The mouse should not feel strained while moving the cage. Air suspension helps to reduce the resistance. Still, the cage cannot weigh much more than the mouse itself. Since the cage must also be durable, carbon fiber was the natural choice of material. But this was just the beginning of a long battle over each gram of weight, during which we switched between different types of carbon fiber film and composite materials. As a result, even our magnetic cages (used for locomotion tracking) weigh less than 70 grams.

      We would paint them gold (to reflect the value), if only it did not make them heavier…


      • Large cage diameter allows more space for movement;
      • Ultralight weight is key to creating the illusion of free and effortless navigation;
      • Magnets built into the floor enable tracking functionality (for MHC-L V3 with tracking capability) and reduce rotational inertia.


      • Dimensions: 325 X 70 mm, 325 X 40 mm, 325 X 20 mm, 290 X 70 mm or 290 X 40 mm
      • All cages can be manufactured with built-in magnets (for locomotion tracking)
      • Weight: 46-63 g for cages without magnets, 60-68 g for cages with magnets
      • Material: carbon fiber film, composite bottom


      • Magnetic doors snap into place quickly, easily but also firmly to prevent the animal from pushing out the door during the experiment (to ensure that the animal does not push out the door, snap the door into place from inside the cage);
      • High wall cage (70 mm) protects the animal from distractions in the surrounding environment;
      • Low wall cage (40 mm) allows better access with micromanipulators;
      • Extra low wall cage (20 mm) is ideal for patch clamp recordings;
      • Special floor finish gives better grip, which makes it easier for the mouse to move around the cage.


      We also design custom-cages with transparent walls or without walls (carbon fiber discs).

      If unsure which carbon cage best suits your experimental needs and fits into your Mobile HomeCage products, please contact mhc-support@neurotar.com.