Thank you for your interest in testing the Mobile HomeCage!

Good preparation is key to a successful Mobile HomeCage trial.

We offer two types of trials: fitting trials (less than 3 days) or animal trials (10-14 days). Animal trials require longer preparation: we ship the head plates or spinal plates separately, 3-5 weeks ahead of the trial to allow time for the surgery and recovery.

Fitting trial timeline

Trial timeline for Mobile HomeCage trialsAnimal trial timeline


Please read the information below to learn what to expect and how to prepare.

We offer:

  • Free shipment to your trial location (in Europe or North America) and free return shipment. (At the moment, unfortunately, we cannot ship trial equipment to locations outside of Europe and North America);
  • Links to surgery tutorials (video) and handling/training recommendations;
  • Trial support (animal procedures, software installation, and operation) via email, phone, or video conferencing before and during the trial. We do not normally visit the lab during the trial.

We require:

  • A 1-page loan agreement (click on the link to view a sample Loan Agreement) – we shall email you the agreement as soon as we determine the trial’s details and dates;
  • (For animal trials) commitment to perform the surgeries and the training before the start of the trial (for chronic windows);
  • Permission to share your contact information with our logistics partner (DHL).

We do not allow testing of virally infected mice, nor placing the test equipment in a virus-handling facility (AAV viral injections are allowed).

Things to consider before the Mobile HomeCage trial:

  • Does your air source provide an airflow of 120 L/min at 2,9 psi? If not, we can recommend an alternative air source.
  • What head plate model would you use for surgeries? Click on the link to see all available head plate models. If you need advice, please tell us which part of the brain you want to access? What types of experiments do you have in mind (2p imaging, ephys recording, fUS imaging, etc.)?
  • Acute or chronic preparations?
  • Is the Mobile HomeCage compatible with your set-up? If in doubt, please share the microscope’s maker and model or the type of micromanipulator that you plan to use. Do you plan to mount the manipulator on the Mobile HomeCage bridge or place it on the side? For Stoelting, Kopf, Luigs & Neumann, and Sensapex manipulators, we can either provide an adapter or put you in touch with the manipulator’s manufacturer that offers an adapter for the Mobile HomeCage.
  • What type of behavioral readouts do you wish to implement? We are happy to advise whether these readouts can be implemented in the Mobile HomeCage and what types of accessories we can provide.
  • Does your PC satisfy the requirements for the locomotion tracking software? The requirements are: Processor: 4-core, 2015 or newer (desktop) or 4-core, 2018 or newer (laptop); RAM: 6 GB or more; OS: Windows 7 or Windows 10. Windows 10 Pro is recommended.