Support for the experiments in awake head-fixed mice

Neurotar team provides technical support for our products as well as experimental support for your experiments in awake head-fixed mice.

Pre-sale support

  • Compatibility with imaging set-ups
  • Air source selection
  • Stage recommendations
  • Selection of kit parts (head plates, clamps, cages)
  • Selection of accessories
  • Equipment trials
  • Experimental feasibility assessment
  • Customization

Post-sale support

  • Online surgery tutorials
  • Mouse training and handling recommendations
  • Software tutorials
  • Technical support and repair
  • Accessories and upgrades
  • Online help with software installation and start of operation

Where to find information

Read answers to frequently asked questions

Dive into our comprehensive guides to head plates, clamps, cages and the guide to compatibility (click on the image caption to navigate to a guide):

Finally, look for tips and ideas in recent publications, webinars or testimonials. Or, if it feels easier, simply reach out to us!

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