Beginnings. CRO

Neurotar Oy Ltd was founded in 2009 as a privately owned contract research organization (CRO) providing unique in vivo two-photon imaging services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In 2010-2011, the company secured financing from private angel investors and from the Finnish Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) necessary to acquire expensive two-photon equipment. Neurotar became revenue-generating in 2011 and reached the break-even point in 2012. Since foundation, we have served more than two dozen biotechnology, pharmaceutical and generics companies including three of the top ten Pharmas. As a result, our uniquely qualified service team has  accumulated both extensive experience in the field of preclinical drug development and invaluable industry insight.

Device Company

In order to enable transition from imaging in live animals to imaging in awake, head-fixed but otherwise freely moving animals, Neurotar scientists developed a proprietary device, the Mobile HomeCage, which was meant originally for internal use, but which we have since made available to academic and industrial labs worldwide. Unlike most equipment manufacturers, we use our own equipment on the daily basis. We have validated the Mobile HomeCage over more than three years of commercial contract research, for which reproducibility is essential. Neurotar team knows the ins and outs of selecting the right imaging equipment, acquiring animal licenses, setting up surgery, training and imaging protocols. We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers.


The name Neurotar was formed by adding a feminine Finnish suffix (-tar) to the word neuro. Resulting word may be translated as “Lady Neuro”.


The company’s labs and offices are located in Helsinki, Finland. All services are produced locally and sold globally. Mobile HomeCage products are designed and tested at Neurotar, and contract manufactured in Finland. Our devices are sold both directly and through a global network of distributors (for the list of distributors visit the “Sales Partners” page).

Intellectual Property

Neurotar owns Mobile HomeCage patents, design patents, as well as Mobile HomeCage and Neurotar trademarks.