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Webinar on June 30, 2020: fUS imaging in awake mice

The webinar featuring a new label-free neuroimaging modality, functional ultrasound (fUS) imaging, that penetrates through the entire mouse brain is now available on-demand: The Mobile HomeCage enables fUS imaging in awake mice, which is why we have paired up with Iconeus, the company behind the fUS imaging, to share the knowledge of this technology and […] Read more »

COVID-19 update: Neurotar fully operational and well-stocked

Although Finland has a low number of confirmed coronavirus cases and low mortality rates, our lives have also been affected by the pandemic. We are working with a reduced staff, mostly from home, but we remain fully operational. If you place an order, please let us know whether you want it shipped immediately, or whether […] Read more »

Canceled: Meet us at Bonn Brain-3 meeting on March 24-26, 2020

Meet us in Bonn, Germany, for the 6th International Bonn Brain3 Conference, from Cellular Diversity to Conlex Behavior in Health & Disease, where we are meeting old friends and hoping to make new contacts with neuroscience labs interested in combining high precision techniques with behavioral observation in awake mice. Want to schedule a demo or […] Read more »

Canceled: Stop by our FENS booth # 97 in Glasgow, UK, on July 11-15, 2020

The Mobile HomeCage story started at FENS 2014 in Milan, Italy. That year we showed the very first version of our solution for 2-photon imaging and electrophysiological recordings in awake behaving mice. Stop by our booth # 97 at FENS 2020 in Glasgow, UK, to see how we have developed the Mobile HomeCage for greater […] Read more »

Canceled: Neurotar visiting Mobile HomeCage user labs in Paris, mid-March 2020

In the middle of March, we are visiting several user labs in Paris and meeting new labs interested in using the Mobile HomeCage for 2-photon imaging and electrophysiological recordings in awake mice. Want to schedule a demo or join us during one of the lab visits? – Contact Viktoria.

Meet us at SfN in Chicago on October 20-23, 2019 (booth 443)

This year, we worked hard on integrating complex behavioral readouts with 2-photon imaging and electrophysiological recording in the Mobile HomeCage. Come and see how far we have come! We are at booth 443: when you go to Thorlabs to pick up your T-shirt (doesn’t everybody do it?), turn around and look for a bright orange […] Read more »

Mobile HomeCage user labs present in an online webinar on April 4, 2019. Get inspired!

Neuroscientists from the University of Brisol (UK), German Center for Neurodegenerative diseases (DZNE, Magdeburg, Germany) and Institute of Experimental Medicine (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) present methodology and research findings from neurophysiological studies in head-fixed, behaving mice. Case studies focus on combining electrophysiology with 2D tracking, analyzing microglial function using 2-photon imaging and recording neuronal activity […] Read more »

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