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Road show in France on January 18-20, 2012

Thanks to our French consultant, Christine Patoux of Hoffren Consultancy, our three day schedule was filled with meetings in Paris, Strasbourgh and Lillie.

Neurotar completes the second round of investment in November 2011

Neurotar completes the second round of investment and registers 1200 new shares on 28.12.2012. Thanks to our investors for their endorsement of this year’s results and their confidence in our future potential! The new investment provides us with operating capital necessary to match the growing demand for our services in 2012-2013.

Neurotar moves into the new office and lab space in Viikki, Helsinki (Finland)

In terms of distance, we have simply moved from one building to the other next door. However, in terms of qualitative change, this move has been very significant. Our new premises include a newly renovated and customized laboratory space and an office with a broad window view of the Viikki library. Our engineer is focused […] Read more »

Neurotar’s exhibit at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. (12-16.11.2011) attracted dozens of visitors

Neurotar’s Chief Operating Officer Dr. Stanislav Khirug and other team members were busy answering the questions concerning our already developed and forthcoming products. One of our latest additions, nerve endings’ visualization in rodents skin, topped the list of inquiries. The experiments have high potential for pain research. Thanks to all new and old fans who […] Read more »

Road show in Germany on September 19-21, 2011

Neurotar team thanks our German partner, Frost Lifescience, for organizing the tour and putting us in touch with several interested companies. Special thanks to the companies that invited us to meetings. As a result of the meetings in September, Neurotar has already initiated five projects and more is coming soon.

Neurotar’s team attended Neurotech Summit in Helsinki on 7-8.9.2011

Neurotech Summit proved to be a terrific event for Neurotar. How often do you get to walk into the room full of people, all of whom you want to meet? We went from one meeting to another, which resulted in several customer and cooperation projects currently being carried out or planned. Thanks to the American […] Read more »

Road shows in Germany and Denmark (June 6-10, 2011) and Sweden (June 20-23, 2011)

Neurotar’s team, reinforced by our business consultant, Jouko Uusitalo, visited several companies in the Copenhagen area and later in South-West Germany. In Sweden, we had several meetings with Pharma and Biotech companies in the Stockholm area. Thanks to all companies who welcomed us at their facilities!

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