Webinar on epileptic seizures in awake mouse models – March 21, 2024

Join us on March 21, 2024, for a webinar featuring Neurotar’s customers and Mobile HomeCage aficionados, Dr. Vincent Magloire (UCL) and Dr. Ken Berglund (Emory University). Vincent and Ken will share their latest insights on the spatiotemporal dynamics of neurotransmitter and calcium imaging in awake mouse models of epilepsy. Vincent will start the session by revealing how GABA and glutamate transients play pivotal roles during seizure evolution in awake head-fixed mice, offering new perspectives on seizure generation and propagation. Ken will then take the stage to explore the post-seizure landscape, highlighting the subtle yet significant shifts in intracellular calcium signals and their implications for understanding seizure physiology.

Check out Vincent’s and Ken’s labs’ relevant publications and register in advance so as not to miss this unique chance to dive deep into the complexities of neural activity during epileptic events, viewed through the prism of state-of-the-art imaging technologies.