Invigilo-2™ Wide-Field Imaging System

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Invigilo-2™ is a turn-key solution for multi-channel wide-field optical imaging in the brain of awake mice. Invigilo-2™ facilitates simultaneous imaging and behavioral observation via integration of optical components with locomotion tracking and automated stimuli delivery under a master-software.

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      Main benefits of Invigilo-2™

      Is Invigilo-2™ good for you?

      • Do you want to start imaging in vivo on a budget? At a fraction of the price of a two-photon microscope, Invigilo-2™ is a great turn-key solution for you.
      • Do you already have a two-photon microscope? Invigilo-2™ system is complementary because it offers a broader, cortex-wide field of view. It helps you obtain functional maps to guide two-photon imaging and study the correlated activity of different brain regions.
      • Do you want to take your research to the next level and go awake?  Invigilo-2™ is a way to start with a ready-to-go solution integrating multi-channel imaging and behavior.

      Invigilo-2™ is a unique out-of-the-box imaging system allowing multi-channel wide-field imaging in awake behaving mice

      In vigilo (Lat.) stands for “in awake organism”, and Invigilo-2™ is the only wide-field imaging system designed for experiments in awake, head-fixed but otherwise freely moving mice. This is possible thanks to combining a wide-field imaging system with a proprietary head fixation mechanism and a flat-floored cage suspended on air. The air gently lifts the cage, allowing the mouse to move it without strain. This creates an illusion of two-dimensional locomotion. The cage is flat and has walls just like a normal home cage so that the mouse habituates faster and experiences less stress as compared to other head-fixation conditions. At the same time, firm head fixation ensures imaging stability.

      To enhance behavioral research in the Invigilo-2™, we have added locomotion tracking capabilities. The software tracks locomotion at high speed (80-100 fps) and with high resolution (1 mm). Tracking works both in dark and in light conditions. What is more, locomotion tracking facilitates other behavioral tests (open field, object recognition, social interactions, maze navigation) as well as stimuli delivery – from liquid reward to visual stimulation.

      Invigilo-2™ provides single-cell imaging over the entire cortex combined with the recording of the optical BOLD signal

      With the recent advancement of fluorescent probes and craniotomy preparations (“crystal skull” in Kim et al, 2016 and “transparent polymer skull” in Ghanbari et al., 2019), wide-field imaging now allows recordings on a single-cell level for both morphological and functional imaging. And with Invigilo-2™ it is possible to image both simultaneously, for example, combine imaging of GCaMP6 dynamics with a red-fluorescence channel (e.g., a morphological marker expressed by genetically targeted neurons).

      Moreover, Invigilo-2™ can also acquire optical BOLD (blood oxygenation level-dependent) signal simultaneously with fluorescence imaging in multiple cortical areas. Use it as a functional readout for the blood flow and/or correct the distortion of the fluorescence signal (e.g., GCaMP6-based Ca2+ signal) created by activity-dependent light adsorption by blood-born hemoglobin (Ma et al 2016).

      All-in-one Invigilo-2™ software for imaging, locomotion tracking, and closed-loop stimuli delivery

      Our precisely calibrated software controls all hardware settings and synchronizes all optoelectronic components of Invigilo-2™ including the high-end sCMOS camera, four LED light sources, xyz-positioning motors, and the locomotion tracking system (via TTL). And all of these through a single graphical user interface! It means no more hassle of trying to coordinate different components from various vendors or laborious customization of software interaction. Invigilo-2™ software has everything ready.

      Unique features of Invigilo-2™

      • Mouse-friendly head fixation (with two clamp options available): Air-lifted flat-floored cage facilitates mouse’ exploratory behavior during imaging;
      • Easy focusing: the entire optical assembly including objective, external LEDs and camera, is mounted on one motorized vertical breadboard;
      • Stable imaging: the massive aluminum frame ensures mechanical stability;
      • Wide-angle vision: near-panoramic (270o) unobstructed view for the mouse allows using virtual reality (VR), visually stimulating the mouse or video-recording its behavior.