MultiCage Training Upgrade Kit for MHC-L

MultiCage Upgrade Kit converts the Mobile HomeCage Large into a training arena for simultaneous training/habituation of three mice. This is made possible by adding a second bridge (with two head fixation mechanisms) and three 180 mm diameter carbon cages.

7,921.20 USD (ex-VAT)

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  • Increases workflow by making it possible to train three animals simultaneously
  • Reduces the run-up to experiments (training takes only 4 days)
  • Easy to use, robust, quiet

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions of the fully assembled bridge and towers: 720 X 570 X 155 mm
  • Floating cage dimensions: 180 X 70 mm
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Material: Aluminium 7076 alloy, stainless steel

MultiCage Training Upgrade kit composition

A standard MultiCage Training Upgrade kit has all you need to turn the Mobile HomeCage Large into a platform for simultaneous training of three mice. It includes:

  • bridge with slots for mounting two head fixation mechanisms
  • towers
  • two standard rotating clamps and necks
  • three 180 X 70 mm carbon cages
  • Fifteen model 1 (4,2 mm opening) headplates

Straight clamps can be substituted with rotating and/or tilted clamps.


  • Fast and firm head fixation with micrometer precision;
  • Light weight carbon cages are designed to roughly match the weight of the animal thus making the mouse’ movement natural and effortless.

If unsure how to integrate the MultiCage Training Upgrade kit with your Mobile HomeCage Large, contact


  • Head plates designed to accommodate different research purposes;
  • Rotating clamp designed to access lateral parts of the brain;
  • Tilted clamp (10, 20, 30, 35 degree tilt in the nodding direction, pre-set) designed to provide a more natural head position.